Need ready-to-go email program

Hello all,

I am into a project and need a complete email program for the Uno. I've read and read, and tried and tried, but I struggle with getting all the parts together (libraries, etc.) and realize it's time to punt and simply buy something from someone who's already done it.

First and foremost, I need something absolutely complete, that I can configure (add email address, password, etc), compile, and push up - and it works.

Secondly, my application will invoke sending an email when something else happens in the Uno - (like joekoday's personal emergency transmitter) so I will need to understand exactly how to integrate the email routine into my other program that senses/reacts to the "button push." (I've already written and tested that part of this project.)

It would be nice to have a pre-loader program with it, so that I could use it with different email addresses. That is, it prompts the user for a new email, password, etc, puts those into the code, complies, and uploads. Desirable, but not necessary.

I'm certain that many many of you have already conquered this mountain. If you're willing to share some of your code (complete program only, remember,) please PM me so we can talk further, and discuss what it might take for me to avail myself of your expertise!

Thanks in Advance!


PlumBob: I am into a project and need a complete email program for the Uno.

From reading the rest of your post, I wonder if you really need a "complete" email program? Let me suggest that you post the requirements about what the email program needs to do, and what hardware is available for it to run on. Then people could suggest ways to make it work. Off the bat, I can say that compiling the email addresses into the program may not be the best approach, although I can speculate on reasons to do that.

But if you tell us what you're actually trying to do, you'll probably get some help.

OK, skyjumper - here ya go....

I have an occasional plumbing leak at my home. It's what I call a 'smart leak' - it only happens when we're not there, and generally on Sunday afternoon. I fretted for months about how to catch this thing in the act - to no avail. One Sunday afternoon I saw an Arduino book in the local book store - and here we are.

I have already constructed the water sensor. I have already done the programming to sense the water sensor being activated - simply a program that sees when the sensor ("switch") goes from open (off) to closed (on) and does something - that is to send an email and activate an audible alarm.

At that point I want Mr. Arduino to initiate an email to me alerting me of the problem. That's where I'm stuck. I use the word "complete" in the sense of having all the necessary libraries, etc, all packaged up together - something I can unzip, put in my own data, compile, upload, and it works. - Not in the sense of being able to create emails to multiple addresses, changing the message, etc.

Thus - I'm willing to pre-load my email address (and password, and all those other things) into the program before compiling. It needs to email only me.

Yes, all of the houses in my neighborhood are liable to the same issue - so yes, it would be handy to be able to give my neighbor a disk that asks him to put in his email address, etc., hit enter, and install the program on his own Arduino - etc. If I can get there, fine. If I can't, at least I have my own leak covered.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. It's just the email routine itself that baffles me, plus where to integrate it into the other program that would initialize it.



Have you seen this one:-

A smart leak, very interesting!

Okay so you have a few options.

First, let me suggest that you check this out:

This is a free site that you can use to track when the leak is happening so you can see trends.

For immediate alerts, email works. A few words about email. If you have access to an email server, this is easy. If you have a cable modem service, or FiOS or some other type of full time internet service then you have access to an email server. So what you do is connect to the server on port 25, send some simple text commands, then send the text of your email and off it goes! If you're not sending attachments then you can whip this up quickly.

The text commands collectively are referred to as the SMTP Protocol. SMTP == Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, details here:

Start with the tutorial as Mike said, then check out this protocol and you'll be in business.

Well, we will try - LOL

Yes, I have an ethernet shield, and yes, it will plug directly into the router of my network - so the Arduino will have the same access to my ISP as any other device. It should be able to send an email w/o any issue - it's even going to be on the uninterpretable power supply, along with the router - so it will have no excuse :~

I have studied a couple of books on 'projects' and 'programming' (even one that purports to lead me through a create-your-own-email sketch,) gone through a C++ tutorial, and more - and still come up bewildered... but I'll try again. I'm not completely dull with this - I wrote the rest of the program w/o too much wailing.

Mike, thanks for the link. Much of what is there, I understand. Some I don't. It's the lack of understanding exactly what I need to put in my sketch, and the order of that, that confuses me.

skyjumper, thanks for your links, and input. I'll study everything here, and we'll see what we can do.


Thanks again

Look through the protocol document I linked to, then use a telnet client to open a connection to your ISPs email server. Just type the commands to learn how it works.