Need recommendation

I want to control 10 stepper motors and a few other things such as an adafruit Music Maker" MP3 Shield and some controls for lights and a motion sensor. Will the Mega 2560 be sufficient?

I am using separate stepper control boards

Thanks in advance


You have not told us what stepper motor drivers you will be using and you have not told us what the "few other things" are or what I/O pins the music shield needs.

And another question is how many stepper motor pulses per second will you need when all are working?


A typical stepper driver uses three pins per stepper: Direction, Step, and Enable. Figure 30 pins for the 10 steppers.

The music shield uses the SPI interface and Pin 10. The SPI interface on the MEGA is Pins 50-53. To use it on the MEGA you will need to cut the jumpers for pins 11, 12, and 13 and add the jumpers for ICSP. The shield also seems to be using Pin 3, Pin 4, Pin 6, and Pin 7.

The Arduino has 54 digital pins and the music board uses 9 leaving 45 pins. Save 2 for Serial, 2 for I2C and 30 for the steppers should leave about 11 pins for everything else. Sounds reasonably feasible. That even leaves all 16 analog inputs available and I think some of those can be used for digital I/O.

I am using the following

9 Nema 11 Bipolar Stepper motors rated at 3.5V and .8A 1 Nema 17 3.5v 1.5A Stepper

AdaFruit Music Shield motion sensor

I will hack an IR wireless remote and will send signals to an infrared diode I will have 8 push button switches to select operations 6 limit switches for travel a temperature sensor and 4 diode indicators

Sorry I was not specific.

Thank you johnwasser

artistinfla: I am using the following

You have not said how many steps per second will be required by all the motors combined? Can a 16MHz Arduino operate fast enough?

And you have not said what stepper motor drivers you are using - they are what determine the number of pins required.