Need Schottkey Library for Proteus 8.6

I try to create my simple Arduino based buck boost convertor . to simulate this I draw schematic in proteus and try to run. but it show error " D1 Model not Found , partition Error" . D1 is Schottkey diode . is there any library with Schottkey diode model. am stuck here last 3 days and unable to found a single solution . please anyone guide me here .

I ca see quite a few in my version of 8.6, You can use any shcottky diode really for simulation purpose like 75SQ030 10BQ015 as ISIS does not take temperature or power into consideration. But to be honest I think you will wasting your time using ISIS to simulate something like this has it can run slower than realtime if your using Arduino and LCD Etc, it's ok for some stuff but I prefer to build the circuit in real life and time. In the past I've had issues using ISIS like the values of the resistors in there are 100% accurate as it does not take temperature, tolerance and stuff like this into consideration and had to make changes in software to get the values to read correctly.

But let us know how you get on with it. LTspice is better for this type of job, only downfall is you cant use Arduino in there