Need SIM908 GSM/GPS shield designed in Eagle for Mega

I need a shield like this designed, but with some changes:

  • Specification is for a shield for an Arduino mega2560R3
  • Shield will pass through all the Mega2560R3 pins
  • Shield will be done in Eagle CAD. You will provide me with board and schematic files. Parts will be readily available from US suppliers (Mouser, Newark, DigiKey) in small quantities. You will provide me with parts list.
  • Shield will have a SIMCom SIM908 GSM+GPS Quad-band module (hardware design manual).
  • Which UART SIM908 will be connected to controlled with jumpers (Serial0 - Serial3)
  • Shield will have SMA connectors at USB end for GPS and GSM antennas. Either right angle or board edge
  • NETLIGHT pin used to activate LED located near GSM antenna jack .
  • Other than SMA connectors, all components should be SMD and solderable by hand or with hot air ( no smaller than 0805 if possible).
  • Shield will have SIM card holder on top.
  • PWRKEY will be pulled down by digital pin 4 to power on SIM908 module.
  • Design will be open source although I can come up with derivative designs.
  • Shield will Have its own power jack since the GSM module can use up to 2A when transmitting.
  • Power jack can be connected to Vin with a Jumper so this can provide power to Arduino. Shield will will need to supply SIM908 VBAT with proper voltage as per hardware design manual.

I think I could probably do it myself, but I'm swamped.

Let me know how much you would charge or if you have any questions.

I've hired someone to do this project.