Need simple code for arduino tachometer stepper

Hi all, I have an Arduino nano, a gauge with a stepper, and driver. All physically hooked up and working.

Just need the simplest code to move the needle from 0 - 600 rpm based on a hall effect sensor that triggers once (or could be twice) per revolution.

I have zero coding knowledge so hoping for code with good comments written in so this can be tweaked later.

Basically it has to step backwards enough to zero the needle against the stop, then count time between hall effect pulses and move the needle accordingly.

A well commented line in the code for calibration would help tune it in later.

If anyone can assist, thank you!

Sounds like you want someone to write code for you. If that is right, flag this post and have it moved to the Gigs and Collaborations section. Expect to pay.

PM sent

correct, and I thought that's where I posted this. thanks

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