Need simple LCD/keypad menu built $$$

Using this and an uno r3

I have 5 LEDs that use PWM. I need each color listed on the menu. After selecting the color I need the up and down keys to +/- the PWM value. After its at the value I like I want to press select and have the value stored to EEPROM. Then the sketch can run the PWM value for that color from the EEPROM values stored.

I've tried and tried to understand this shield but I can't get it. I can pay half upfront and half when done. Also this is not for a private deal. The code can be published where ever you would like to put it with full credit to you.

If this is not a "simple" menu I still need it done. please pm me a price. Also after this is done I will need the menu and functions expanded later on.

First and only person to reply is working on it.

The biggest problem you're going to have is that the display itself uses pins 5,6,9 and 10 out of a possible 3,5,6,9,10,11 regular PWM pins lwaving you with pins 3 and 11 for PWM control

The menu itself isn't that big a deal

SO, you have a couple of choices...

  1. relocate some of the display pins so you have access to the PWM pins directly unless you want to use softpwm as led drive
  2. tlc5940
  3. shift registers
  4. softpwm

If you hadn’t bought the LCD shield, a simpler way might be with a Liudr screen that has built-in menus. I believe you would hook it up to pins 0/1 for using the normal Serial support: