Need some advice on my project

hello,im trying to create a kind of detection system that will detect a hole while on the road
the device purpose will be to attach on subject like baby transport , cart , any other that will help transportation on road mainly to carry object.
this device should be able detect a hole and remind the user the distance between the hole and wheel(that is what i am thinking) by using led monitor,while i am at it i might be thinking that it should be able to automaticaly braking little by little as it goes closer to the hole and it wil stop right before the holl with vibration to remind user that there is a hole in front of him.

what i want to ask is

  1. is it possible to detect a hole?
  2. is it possible to do thing like automaticaly braking on certain condition? be nice if there is some reference as to how do this,

this project will be used for my school project,im looking forward for the respond and help ,
pardon my English if it is bad

There is another recent Forum Thread with a very similar question. Google will probably be able to find it for you.

IIRC there was no obvious solution.


yea, given the bouncing about and vibration in your cart as it moves along - virtually impossible Iwould say

This the recent Thread on pothole detection (I’m not sure if there was a second recent Thread)