Need some assistance with Xbee's

I'm brand new with Arduino's. But after doing some of the basic sketches (Blinky, Blinky No Delay, Debounce, etc...) I figured I would dive head first into xbee's

I've been trying to find a tutorial on what I would like to do... and can't really seem to find one. I would like to be able to push a button on one arduino and turn an LED on another Arduino and to be able to push a button on that arduino and have an LED on the first arduino turn on.

That being said I figured I would just start easy and figure out how the Xbee's work. I started with this tutorial.

We'll I figured I would see just HLHLHLHLHLHLHLHLHL on the screen. However all I am seeing is just a bunch of periods ......................... Ever second or so 1-2 periods pop up so I know it's the code coming from the arduino.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?

WOW nevermind it was just something simple. lol I tried another tutorial (which I couldn't really get to work, it was late and I was tired lol) and I changed the default Baud rate to 19200.

Well anyways in the process of setting it back up for this one I reset the defaults back so I was still reading on 19200 and not 9600 once I changed that it works now.

You might like this tutorial.

I set this one up following Guilherme Martins tutorial that he did on his site. He has an excellent blog also at: