Need some guidance (beginner)

Hello guys: I am not much familiar with arduino hardware and its IDE. But i want to make projects with it, can any body please tell me how to get started with arduino.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Step 1, buy an Arduino
Step 2, install the IDE
Step 3, open examples, test them and try to understand them
Step 4, START SMALL! Think of a SMALL project you want to so
Step 5, expand step 4 with baby steps

Hi haris,

you can learn about Arduino tutorial with step by step guide on this link

here author provided a more than 50 Arduino tutorials with more than 30 sensors interfacing with arduino

You have to have the Arduino first. Then, download the IDE (it is for free) and you can start with the examples. I'm recommending to start with the Basic examples. That is all for start.

It takes some time to be familiar with Arduino.
In case of any question, specific problem, the forum is here but take some time and effort to search for solution before you will ask.

You might consider a starter kit that has some stuff to connect to the Arduino too, particularly if you've got very little electronics experience. The kits definitely take a bit of profit, and don't supply you with any superexciting parts, but they have a variety of parts, and that may be helpful for someone new to the hobby. Or you may find them to just be a bunch of crap. There are a great many starter kits available on ebay/etc

+1 on the starter kit.

Then read a lot here about what other people are doing. Learn what the common pitfalls are.