Need some guidance to a project!

I just got myself the AT MEGA 1280 and the IMU 6DOF Razor, which need to be interfaced together, and then interfaced with my laptop to show the results on my pc. Ive never done this before! Im a second year electronics engineering uni student and my project is to monitor the pitch, roll and yaw of an aircraft using those two devices i mentioned above. Anyone has any idea of where i could get help on learning how to interface the two together?

It’s pretty obvious which Arduino you have. There is not, on the other hand, just one IMU 6DOF Razor, so, you need to post a link to the one you have.

sorry about that! i got my razor from this website:

Did you look at the comments on that page?


The hardware interfacing should not be a problem. AFAIK this IMU provides analog outputs which are proportional to the corresponding measured values and the voltage is in range which could be directly connected to the arduino's analog inputs.

The good explanation about the math need to be done to deduce the orientation of aircraft could be found here:

There is also good discussion about exactly the case you have here:

In addition, as pointed in one of the comments, there is sample implementation for arduino available here:

To send the calculated angles back to the notebook, just an available serial interface could be used.

HTH, Andrey.

... just forget to add, that typical alternative to DCM method in this case is to use Kalman filter. Both methods has their pros and cons.

thanks so much for the help and the links! fingers crossed things go well over time..!