Need some guide on supporting three RF 433 devices.

I did a small project, with RCSwitch-Firmdata, I linked some old X10 sensors to my home automation software.
Later, I got a pair of open-smart long range 433 RF transceiver. I cannot read read them, I know the sketch in my arduino is only for RCSwitch. The open-smart has different protocal.
Then I tried to link several of acurite temp/hum sensor, I then found they have different protocal too.

When I use VirtualWire, I can read the open-smart long range. With another sketch for acurite, I can read the acurite sensor.

I think it is great if I can add support of the open-smart long range and acurite to my RCSwitch-Firmata. Before I dig into it, I want to know more from other experienced developers, are there existing library I can use? If I have to do it myself, what is the right and most efficient way to do it?