Need some help about position detection using Arduino

Hi all,

I'm not too good in English so please ignore if I make something wrong in spelling.

I am new to Arduino, and now studying to find a way which can detect the position of things within an area using Arduino. I read some documents on the internet, most of them were talking about using some kinds of distance sensor to determine and detect the object's position, or using traking camera. I prefer to the first method and want to do the following things:

  • detect the position of an object within a fixed area with Arduino
  • transport those data to a computer, and make them configurable. For example, if I configure the data on the computer (such as the value of co-ordinate of those things, or the position of a point in a window that simulate the real area), the real thing will also move base on what I am editting on the computer.

Any suggestion idea about this would be appreciated.

Thank you for your reading.

Some previous post that might have info.

This new indoor positioning system by Pozyx is claimed to work, but it is expensive.

Thank you so much for your consideration!