Need some help for my eyes

Good day guys, I'm a newbie and this topic is somewhat easy for some of you.

The problem is to make a robotic eye with great image stabilization characteristics/specification. I want the robotic eye to follow or gaze at the target object(to be clicked in the Video captured by the camera attached on the eyeball of the prototype connected to laptop or PC)

My proposed concept is to work on hardware and software of the project, but more on Software Mechanism/Programming. I want to use servo motors(that can catch up to >500deg/sec),motor shields,shafts,and arduino,etc for the hardware.

But my problem is more on its software mechanism =(, i want to integrate SURF algorithm for object detection/tracking and fuzzy controller for the fast and accurate gaze shifting and good gaze stabilization, I want to use these two because somebody said that these two are good in terms of image processing...

Can someone tell me how integrate these two in Visual Basic 6.0 with emgu.CV or Open.CV as its library. You can also suggest other better and easy(if possible) ways on how to implement my concept in this study...

Thank you very much in advance for the advice and help..God bless :)

Sorry but I have another request...Can someone help me in simulating this prototype via software or other programs if possible...The reason for this is that I must simulate and prove it via software first before I work on the actual prototype...thanks :)

You might get some info from the below projects.

hi thanks for your reply, it helps me in some way or the other but my project is not dealing with animatronics because I am not imitating the eye of an animal, we somehow know that they're different...

But thank you for your reply, Ive post this topic two or three days ago but you're the only member that responded my topic...Thanks

But if somehow you find another information that can help me in my study, it will be appreciated..thanks and good day