need some help in WiFi shield

Hello members

i want some illustration in my project

my project is DC car controlled by android tablet via WiFi

i have searched about that and i bought every parts that i need in my project

arduino UNO

CC3000 wifi shield breakout board

L298n motor driver

finally car Kit with 4wd

i have connect WiFi shield with arduino as this pic

and L298n with arduino as in this pic with ignoring the bluetooth side

the last thing that i want was to connect WiFi shield with l298n and i found this pic while im searching every thing is perfect with me but unfortunately my WiFi shield doesn't have a VCC port as this drawing show

**[/u] [u]**so my question is: does i need to use this port if yes is there any instead port in my WiFi can i connected with 5V in L298n or my shield are not using L298n?**[/u] [u]**

It looks like your WiFi requires 3.3v look for thr 3v3 symbol. Connect that to the 3.3v on the Uno.


Thank you

but how about the connection between 5V in L298n and WiFi shield

And 3.3v in arduino and wifi the drawing didn't shows that there is connection ?

Vin is the same as Vcc.


Oh okay
Thanks very much MR Mark