Need Some Help on Button Box. Someone who had done one or knows the awnser

Her is my problem I have built a Sim Racing 32 function box like the picture. Using a different computer I need to know the ardunio path I would call it. what to select in ardunio to get this box to show up in the second picture Game Controllers. The Game Control pic is from computer 1 that I bought the button box and It was set up to plug and play after jest installing the drivers. So I need to know how to get a Home build to that point so I can test the functions and install it on Computer 2
button box


Search button box on the forum.

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Need some help, I'm no computer wiz with these electronics....How can I get my Arduino Micro To show up in USB Game Controllers.. I load it and it keeps showing up in My Devices & Printers UNSPECIFIED Arduino Micro. I want it to show up in USB Game Controllers so I can test all its functions. Thank you

Post the code you have put onto the Micro.

Can you explain how to fined the code?

You wrote it and uploaded it. If you have not, then this is your error. You need to program the Micro to be a joystick.

Question.......Who on here has built a BUTTON BOX 32 FUNCTION w ENCODERS
Using a Pro Micro Atmega32U4 5V 16MHz
If So I have a few questions like what do you select in the libraries to make it show up in your game controllers like this one in the picture2. and show in Devices and printers as a controller like in pic 1.


I have not built one myself but I understand that the Arduino Joystick library is the one to use.

You have already had an answer to this on your other thread!

You can't just plug stuff into an Arduino and Magic makes it work! You have to write code, or search the internet for code.

Thank you

I understand this I jest wanted to know what to select on the list. I tried and selected the (keyboard mouse control) And then uploaded sketch and then my mouse took over my computer. Not knowing is I can write a new code for that code board. Every time I plug it into my USB mouse takes over and goes all over the place

Then perhaps you need to learn to ask more specific questions!
Like - after uploading example code, Every time I plug it into my USB mouse takes over and goes all over the place.

The answer is to double tap the reset button, and hit upload on the IDE (open the blink example first)

Ok what reset button are you talking about? on the board? If so this board dont have a reset button

Use a wire connected to gnd and tap reset twice.

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Your button box looks like this one.

You can try the software (sketch) listed in the video notes. This assumes you box is identical to the one shown. If not, you will have to make changes to the sketch.

The problem wasn't where you posted, the problem was posting the same question 3 times.


The Ardunio_Button_BoxV2 .ino is no longer available seams to have been a older program. I have given up. But Thank you anyway Icebuster.