Need some help with a MIDI controller

Hello Everyone,

I am a complete beginner at this stuff so, first off, what I am trying to do is build a 7 button stomp box MIDI controller. All (7) digital input, momentary contact switches. This controller is meant to allow the bass player in my band to send MIDI notes from the foot controller via MIDI cable to a DMX lighting controller. The process is very simple, there will be only 7 different MIDI notes to send. I am trying to select between 6 chase scenes (MIDI notes 120-125), and a Black Out (MIDI note 126).

I have been scouring these forums and other areas on the net, but most examples of code are more complicated than what I need.

What I need to know is, Is what I'm trying to do even possible. If someone is able to help me with the code for this that would be awesome.

Push Buttons on digital pins 5-11. MIDI jack pins 5 to 1(TX), 2 to GRND, 4 through a 220ohm resistor to +5v.

Thanks for your time.

Have you tried to send MIDI notes to a MIDI instrument? That would at least check out your MIDI connector wiring.

#include <MIDI.h>
void setup() {
    MIDI.begin(4);          // Launch MIDI and listen to channel 4

void loop() {
        MIDI.sendNoteOn(42,127,1);  // Send a Note (pitch 42, velo 127 on channel 1)
        delay(1000);		       // Wait for a second
        MIDI.sendNoteOff(42,0,1);   // Stop the note
        delay(1000);		       // Wait for a second