Need some help with my school-project

Hello, I have a school project that I need some help with. I am building a small tower crane. I have only two weeks to finnish this project. And I'm very stuck right now, and I'm starting to get desperate that I might not make it in time.

I planned on using an arduino UNO R3 and a IBT-2 H to control 3 vdc-motors. The issue is that the arduino did not come in the mail before yesterday. (I ordered it 4 weeks ago) So I Have very little time to do this. And I am 100% new to the arduino. I don't know how to program this very well yet. Neither does my teacher. And now I only have 2 weeks left to finnish this project.

I followed this, but with no luck:

Nothing happens when I upload the code to the arduino and connect the circuits. I've been trying to read everything I can about the arduino and to learn programming the arduino but I am still not able to understand enough.

I would appreciate all the help I can get. I will write the information about the components here when I get to school tomorrow. The motor that I connected to the circuit is a 12VDC motor.

Did you provide a separate 12Vdc power supply for the motor?

The code compiles fine so I would double check your connections and look at your power supply as your statement above sats you were going to use 3Vdc motor or did you mean 3 dc motors.