Need some help with this quadcopter

So I'm building a quadcopter, and I need some help with how it will like go up, right, left, turn, etc. Because if a Arduino only outputs 5 volts, how do I like make the motor spin fast or slow?

PWM modifies duty-cycle to control the average power to the motors. The analogWrite() function controls the PWM output pins.

If you are using brushless DC motors with Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) then you use the Servo library to control them.

For some reason, I don’t get 5 volts. Because if I put the motor to the 5 volts spot, it powers up, but with the analog, it doesn’t.

This is my code:
int MinValue = 0;
int MaxValue = 255;
int Motor1 = 1;

void setup(){

void loop(){
for(int i = MinValue; i < MaxValue; i++){
analogWrite(Motor1, i);

Did I miss something?

Your motor probably draws more than 40 mA, the absolute maximum for the Arduino output pins. You will need a transistor to switch the higher current. here is one of the MANY examples of how to do it:

Just another question, should I get a different board, that works with the Arduino, to power all the motors, or should I use transistors (I need to power 4 motors.)

If your quadcopter has plenty of spare lift you can use a shield if you like. Have you determined the voltage and current requirements of your quadcopter motors yet? Those are the kind of numbers you will need to buy the correct motor shield.

I need at least 6 volts to power all the motors.

What is the stall current of your motors? Without knowing that you will either spend too much for your motor control or you will fry your motor control.

I really don't know. I do know it has 11,600 RPM at no load if that helps.