Need some help.


So I am interested in getting some help by a skilled programmer

Aren't we all?

Btorparen: So I am interested in getting some help by a skilled programmer

In very simple terms I think there are two options - Sign up for a formal course, either at a college or online. - Learn yourself. There must be hundreds of online tutorials for every programming language. And there are also many textbooks you can buy. Unfortunately they no longer seem to be stocked in booshops where you can browse them to evaluate them.

If you specifically mean that you want to become skilled with Arduino programming then get yourself an Uno and start studying the examples that come with the Arduino IDE.

You may find some useful ideas in Planning and Implementing a Program even though it was not written for a complete beginner.


Crap my message did not get posted complete... thats just a stupid post

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I have an old pelet burner that runs on a plc, its really bad and repaired so many times so i bought myself an arduino., thing is i kinda have some skills but not much time so i would be glad to get some help with the general coding.

Its pretty straight forward, no temperarures and just two inputs for hi and low temp from switches.

Function is. Start. The single speed fan starts for a cleanblow runs for 30 sec, heater start runs for 12 mins. Feeder stars and normaly runs 4 sec and waits 17 sec, cool if those times can be adjusted.

After 10 mins need reach temp true, thats the flameguard. The second tempswitch is temp high and that cuts the feeder if true.

And thats about it.

So we have a fan on/off Heater on/off Feeder on/off

Input temp hi and low from analogue sensores.

Anyone? Thx /Matt

Apologies. I read your Original Post incorrectly and thought you wanted to "learn" to be a skilled programmer.

If you want someone to write a program for you then you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section and be prepared to pay.


Input temp hi and low from analogue sensores.

They are not analog sensors if they only give two output states.

Do you still want to use the existing temp sensors? It would be easy to add your own temp sensor, to give more flexibility. You could add an RTC so you can schedule on & off times or a desired temperature profile. You could add a display and some pushbuttons to allow you to alter settings and display current status. You could even use your smartphone as the interface, from anywhere in the world! It's easier than you think. But baby steps to begin with...

The heater, fan & feeder. How are these controlled? Relays?

At this point I want it to work, itso getting cold in Sweden veryyyy fast :). But yes later I will forward sure get some nice features in to it. Sensores are open or closed old school.

If you want help, the first thing you need to learn is to answer all the questions asked, even of the answer is "I don't know". Can you share some pictures. Close-up and well focused, showing any part numbers you can see.

Sorry is relays, and I bought a relayboard for my arduino, a also have the ladder program from the plc but it is way more complicated than needed as it covers many different burners. The one I got only has a start sequence and normal run sequence, as temperature is up an power cuts, it just stops. So all things are on a on/off function. I can load some pics shortly.

Pictures of hardware are not usually useful. Post links to datasheets that have the technical details.

If you are new to programming you should get yourself some stand-by heating system because your project is unlikely to be working quickly.