need some help

so i am trying to build a arduino that uses photoresistors to move the mouse, i am using aac keys as the gobetween. now i have a problem, i want to move the arduino depending on the resistance of the photoresistor, here's a portion of my code, part of void loop(), where there is the problem.

Serial.print("\033,move,  analogRead(photosensorPin)/20, 0.");

i am trying to move the mouse to the right x-coordinate depending on the value of the photosensor pin, however the problem is that since analogRead(photosensorPin)/20 is inside quotations, it read it a string, and does not take the value. however, i need the x coord aka analogRead(photosensorPin)/20 to be inside quotations for it to work since it has to adhere to this format:

<SERIAL-MARKER><esc>,move,+5,0.      //Moves the mouse cursor 5 pixels to the right.

anyone knows a way to solve this problem? to make the software read the value of the function inside quotations and not take it as a literal? anyone tried to use aakeys and arduino to use it as a mouse before and have encountered this?

i found a solution, but it's slow, i was wndering if anyone knew of a fast way;

here's my solution:

 Serial.print("\033, move,");
  Serial.print (", 0.");

in c++ you could do something like

 cout << "hehie" << val << "ok";

it is possible to do the same in the arduino sofware?

it is possible to do the same in the arduino sofware?

Yes, but why would it be any faster?

i found a solution, but it's slow

The slow bit is the serial transmission.
At 9600 baud (you haven't told us what serial rate you're using: hint), one bit (and there are ten bits for every character that you print) takes as long to transmit as it takes the processor to read a single analogue value.

"Yes, but why would it be any faster?"

so how do i do that if you said it's possible?