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I just purchased my first Uno and I am trying to learn how to program it. Most of the examples require resistors and Leds and other stuff. Is there any good website where I can buy all this at a good price and I have the freedom to choose the components. I went to Radioshack and their assembled kit was very expensive.

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Ebay is good for parts.
Where do you live in the world?
Please fill in your location in your account, so we can see.

Depends on what you want/need....and your definition of "expensive". :expressionless:

Two great places I'd suggest to start looking (especially for beginners) are Adafruit & Sparkfun. Not the cheapest. But, both have nice selection, most of what you'll need for now, and pretty great support. I also now Adafruit maintains a comprehensive list of their worldwide distributors...which also may be a good place to look for suppliers — depending on where in the world you reside, as previously stated.

I live in Washington State, United States and I`m planning to build a fan using the Arduino so I can wave in front of it and it will start. So, is there any starter kit or other supplies I would need to get to assemble the fan?

I live in Seattle, WA and I want to know where I can find things to make an Arduino fan where I can just wave in front of it and it will start to move.
my question is what other things do I need and where can I find them? (on a online market)

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Look at suppliers like
Or others like Newark, or Mouser.

Curiouslearner, did you know that there are a bunch of maker groups around Seattle? Many of them are using Meetup.

Don't be shy about ordering from sellers shipping from China on eBay. And, also ships from China. I'm here in Lacey, WA, about an hour south of you, it takes 2 to 3 weeks from China.

I also order from:

More local is Vetco and Supertronics, and Fry's Electronics. Although being storefronts, their prices tend to be higher.

RePC in both Tukwilla and Seattle occasionally have something good in their bins. Especially check the "As Is" deadend. I found a complete Heathkit 1250 GDO (Gate Dip Oscillator) there, in new condition with the manual for 8 or 10 dollars.