Need some serious LCD guidance

Alright for the past week or so I've been researching not only how I would interface a 5-7" color LCD, but also what libraries I would have to utilize to do so. I've written sketches for basic 20x4 matrix lcd screen but for this particular project I would like to be able to programmatically draw primitives to the screen as well as send bitmaps and other data. I would also like the screen to be able to respond to touch. After a lottttt of searching I have specifically picked out the following 3 screens*480%20With%20SD%20Touch%20Module

So here's where I'm stumped, is it safe to say that I can just buy one of these screens and since they all contain built in graphic controllers then I would only need to download the libraries for that respective chipset? I thought I knew what I was talking about and then I saw this and got confused again.

I would go with your seconnd link, the one that is actually arduino compatible.