Need some step by step guidance on using the yun for Power quality monitoring

So I'm trying to the power quality monitoring/ harmonic analysis on the mains on a building. I'm following the schematics and methods used by but with an Arduino Yun instead. I have very limited experience using the arduino and from what I gathered online, it supposed the make the whole process a lot simpler for me than using a traditional arduino uno ( with Wifi shield).

Ok so this is what I what to achieve :

1) Using FFT to obtain certain Voltage & Current harmonics ( up to the 5th) from the mains. 2) Using that data to compute parameters such as Vrms, Irms,Real Power, Reactive, THDv etc... 3) datalogging those data on an external storage eg: SD or Pen drive. 4) continously storing the data on a mysql database that would be located on a PC on the same network as the yun. 5) If in the event Wifi connection cuts off, The data would be stored in the SD card and when the Wifi connections does come back on, Dump the data on the SD card into the mysql database. I'm using the database as a datasource for a localhost web interface with dashboards etc...

Any useful information, links, helpful tutorials on how to go about achieving this would be greatly appreciated

yep, sounds like a great project, unfortunatly there is no support for arduino yun here ;-(