Need Someone to do some tedious coding for me

I need someone to help me with coding a choose your own adventure story, light compensation will be involved. I need someone that really knows how to code and I will not rush. the timeframe is from whenever you start, until may 20th. I need it done by then, if you can help please respond. Thanks. :D

So …let me see if I have this right.

You are looking to engage an “Expert Coder” for an indeterminate amount of time with an immutable deadline and pay them next to nothing :confused:

Sure. What’s wrong with that?

When you’re done, I need a clone of Facebook. My investors tell me I’m allowed to pay as much as $500, with a $100 bonus if you get it done by next Thursday.

Then shoot me the details and get it by the 9th of May :)

PM me or get my address from my website

This is the Arduino forum, not