Need someone to hold my hand

Hi guys I am totally new to this so be gentle with me :slight_smile: I have used Arduino Uno for my last few projects, making servos move and light up LEDS for iron man suits.
I have just started a new project (13 foot Transformer ) where the limited knowledge i know of will not help me here.
My plan is to play sound files through speakers, around 10 sound files also when i lift my legs i would like it to play a different sound file.
From what i have seen i need a arduino uno , wave shield , 2 x accelerometers and a 4 x3 12 Key Matrix Array Membrane Switch Keypad would this be right or is there a better way of doing what i need ?
Also i am at a loss with the code as well so any and all help would be welcome.

Either you are joking, or you should edit your post for spelling.

all help would be welcome before i lose all my hair.

Prepare to lose your hair. Your project description seems to be beyond your current capabilities. Maybe you should do something less complex to start with.

Either you are joking, or you should edit your post for spelling.

yes sorry about that, it is a bit hard for me to type with arthritis.

Thanks for fixing the typo in the original post. (By the way, your English is so good that is has only recently occured to me that perhaps it isn't your first language and that you didn't realize that the word you had wasn't mere gibberish, but actually rather unfortunate. ANYWAY...)

Regarding the project you want to undertake:

For a whole bunch of reasons you need to do a lot of breaking down of that project. Break it into "bits". Get each bit to work, THEN think about "joining them up".


One "starter project" to play different songs when you simply press different buttons connected to the Arduino.

A separate one to light different LEDs when your sensors... lots of scope for exploring alternatives here, by the way... sense different movements.


I haven't done much with playing .wav files... there is good stuff at the playground, but I like to "offload" demanding tasks. You MIGHT (this from a .wav file ingnoramus) want to consider...

That would most easily be used with a Teensy, but might, I suspect, easily connect to others, too. (Teensy: A very close cousin of Arduino, programs with the same software, but with an add-on. And a neat little, POWERFUL, not expensive device.)

Normally playing sounds is done via an MP3 shield, as the MCU can't handle it.