Need suggestion for a device for sending and receive HTTP web request/ responses

I need suggestion for an adruino device. My primary expectation to send a http request to a remote server with a payload of device captured data. and also receive http response back from remote server. It can also read and write to SD card. It will capture data from a sensor.

Please suggest a device that could help me to program my above expected task with minimum specifications.

Thanks in advance.

Look at ESP8266 based Arduinos (WeMos, NodeMCU, etc.)
Everything onboard, including storage for sensors.
Read this guide.

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Are you suggesting this wifi module?

would you please give me a link to buy this wifi module?

The image shows a bare ESP-12 module, fitted to a home-made board.

A bare module needs supporting parts to work.
You can do that yourself (as on the image), or buy a ready-made board with USB/serial chip, supply, reset button, etc.
I mentioned two in post#1.

Search for “8266” on ebay.


Your information is quite helpful. I have studied a little on this. I am a newbie on stacking such devices.
I need some guidance to kick start a project. I need some devices suggestion to buy and start my project.

I can buy this adruino board:
Adruino Uno R3

I can buy this adruino sheld for internet connectivity:
Adruino Yun Shield

I can buy this shield for GPS/GPRS/GSM connectivity:
SIM 908 GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield For Arduino

The GPS/ GPRS/ GSM Shield is not so important for me, right now. But I need you to look into these devices if I can use them together to read any sensor data and send it to web request payload. Also suggest If I need anything along with them.

Thank in advance.


My primary expectation to send a http request to a remote server with a payload of device captured data.

Is this location in range of your home internet router or other free internet access.
WiFi has a limited range. Normally less than 30m.

The Uno is a basic Arduino without ethernet or Wifi.
But can be upgraded to that with a shield (clumsy/expensive).
A Yun(shield) is advanced and poorly supported stuff. Not suitable for a beginner.

It seems you are a beginner that is planning to run a marathon before having learned to walk (common here).
Start with an Uno starterkit and go through the many examples that come with it.
Then think of getting into the more advanced IOT stuff.

Look for NodeMCU or WeMOS D1. Those two are complete development boards - like the Arduino Micro - based on the ESP8266. All IO pins broken out, regulator on board, etc. Perfect for what you’re trying to do.