Need suggestion for good unipolar stepper motor driver

I have been using Sanyo 6-wire uni-polar stepper motors( 1.6 degree 3A). Now there are tons of bipolar stepper drivers available in market but I could not find any good driver of unipolar motor.
Currently I am using STK672-80 ic based module to operate motors but that is not of very good quality and does not have any short circuit protection.
Could anyone suggest any good driver for unipolar stepper motor.

Most 6-wire stepper motors can be operated as bipolar motors by leaving the wires to the centres of the coils unconnected.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

6-wire is bipolar and unipolar.

4/6/8 wire are bipolar capable
5/6/8 wire are unipolar capable

And its 1.8 degree, not 1.6 degree (the step size has to be a divisor of 90 degrees).

You didn't provide full details of the motor, such as datasheet...