need suggestions

I have taken some electronics classes, and have a small amount of experience with programming, but I have no experience with microprocessors yet. I want to build a scoreboard and timer to use for fencing matches. I already have a basic design for a scoreboard by itself, but have no idea how to go about designing a countdown timer circuit. Then I thought of using an arduino to do both. I am looking for suggestions for which board(s) to get.

design requirements: 2 2-digit scores (LED probably) 4 digit timer - 1-10 minutes settable with buttons

remote control (needs to be made so it is possible to have more than one scoreboard running, either RF or IR) Buttons (on unit and remote): (about 16) +/- 1, 30 sec, 1, 3, 5 min start/pause, stop +1/-1 to each score

Any suggestions on any factor would be appreciated. Thanks

Did you do a search for fencing scoring and Arduino before you posted?