need the help

hey guys i need to kno weather ardunio can be programmed in c++ also i wanted to ask how good whould i genrally have to be to makea helicopter from ardunio?
thanks guys Jake

The arduino programming language is basically C++, so yes, it can be programmed in C++.

How good you have to be, that is a hard question.
You have to get a grasp of programming in C++, electronics and some hardware tinkering.
Depending on your background, experiance and perseverance i could say it is not that hard, but it can be complicated.

Just start, one step at the time and solve problems you encounter on your way.
You get there :slight_smile:

well id say that I'm a beginner to medium c++ programmer i have no experience with hardware and i think i just need a little guidance on what i should learn tho like what do you even really need in a helicopter/quadrocopter like i don't want to wast my time on learning something that i cant use but I'm very willing to spend time researching and learning about something that i can apply to my projects also i was wondering i have an ardunio UNO and i wanted to know if that is a good board to start out with and weather i could program a helicopter and variouse other projects using this board

thanks for the help