Need to add a Boards Manager

Hi, Wes with Robolink here. We make the board listed as "Rokit-SmartInventor-mega32_v2". How do we go about having our boards manager added to Arduino Create? Our products Rokit Smart and CoDrone use the boards manager, but it's not on the supported list. Right now, we aren't able to say you can use Arduino on a Chromebook, because of this limitation.


Any ideas? I've done some searching around the Arduino Create interface and support, and haven't been able to find how to add boards managers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

They currently have to be added by the CREATE team who themselves are subject to certain guidelines and goals.

AFAIK your question was passed along by the team to those who make the big decisions.
There is quite a list of boards that we would all love to have added or maybe the ability to add ourselves.

Those type of decisions often don't come quickly I am afraid.
I know it isn't what you need to hear right now :frowning:

Gotcha @ballscrewbob, thanks for the update! Yeah, I figured they probably purposely obfuscated it for stability reasons. Well, if there's any idea from the CREATE team themselves of a timeline for that functionality, that'd be very helpful, since many of our customers are running Chromebooks in their classrooms.

Right now, we've been relying on Codebender, which is also constantly changing, with certain things not pulling the latest versions, etc. So it can be tricky for customers.

Anyway, thanks for the response!