Need to amplify signal from a sensor

I am using a load cell that generates up to 50 mV when excited. I want Arduino to read this analog voltage on port A0 but Arduino us unable to read it and however large the load cell is excited, the signal displayed as input on A0 does not change. When plotted the data on serial monitor, it was mostly zero with few error values that were noise. The plot did not show any signal from the sensor. But when I tried to read the signal on a digital multimeter, the response was displayed very well in mV. I therefore feel that if this few mV signal is amplified to a larger value, like 3 -4 V, then arduino will be able to read it. Can anyone suggest what amplifier can be used for this purpose? I am attaching the plot of serial monitor data, which shows the number of times a particular value was read by the analog input port. Zero value occurred most of the time was the value read by port A0 and other values are noise which I will reduce using low pass filter. So kindly suggest me which amplifier will be best in this case.

Use an op-amp.

Something like an LM358 would work.

I suggest you to use these instrumentation OAMPS

AD 620 INA 125P MAX4208 OP07 Google search: -> Instrumentation amplifier load cell Select images.