Need to be pointed in right direction?

Hello There, This is very new to me and I need to finish my prototype for my "talking garage door openers with a way to connect the output status to Programmable Radio Frequency and internet. While I am at work about 1 mile away.I can hear on the work two radios frequency that the garage is opening or watch on the internet when the door is open. I have a radio shack digital recorder that I modified with a 3.5 mm plug to connect to my two way radio with VOX. Please guide me as to what direction I need to go? I was thinking Arduino uno with some sort of GPS board on top of the uno? Thank You John Barragan

OK, you gave us a title for the project, and a vague description of what you have now that really doesn't make a lot of sense, but I gather that you can gt a signal when your garage door opens. Then you start talking about GPS. Where does that figure in? Why don't you give some details about what this contraption should actually do? Without that it is hard to tell you what to do next. From the sound of the middle paragraph you're done. What else are you trying to accomplish?

And BTW it is a really really bad idea to put your email address in plain text in your post like that. You haven't been around the internet for very long have you? Putting your email like that is just inviting spam and abuse from every corner of the internet.