Need to connect MPU8060 & Wifi ESP 8266 togather for Quadcopter Project


I am trying to build Ardunio UNO Quadcopter using MPU8060 and Wifi ESP 8266 module. Is it possible to connect MPU & Wifi to same board as Wifi need 1 sec of delay to read the data (as per available code in Internet). This much delay can cause the issue for MPU 8060 data and buffer overflow.

Could you please help me to understand how it can be done programmatically. Due to higher cost, I don't want to use Radio module.

Thanks, Shailendra

I suspect the "1 sec of delay" is not necessary. Could you point to the "available code in Internet" so that we can better advise you?

Hi JohnWasser,

Thank a lot for the reply. I really glad to see the response, as this is my first interaction to Ardunio Fourm.

Here is the website, which I have referred and modified to control my 30A ESC and 1400kv motor and its working great.

The code snippet, which talks about delay is,

delay(1000); // wait for the serial buffer to fill up (read all the serial data)
// get the connection id so that we can then disconnect

Just wanted to query, is it feasible to use both MPU8060 and Wifi ESP 8266 modules together for QuadCopter.


You do not want ANY delay()s in quadcopter code.

The concept of waiting for a period of time for the buffer to fill is seriously misguided no matter what the application. Have a look at how the 2nd and 3rd example in Serial Input Basics work.


I was right. The "1 sec of delay" is not necessary. The delay is a lazy way of gathering a message that will only work if the processor has nothing else it can be doing and you don't mind processing messages a second after they arrive.