need to control 64 LED lights inside a display case

I have a display case that has 54 sections of 12 LED’s, approximately 30 cm long for each, these LED’s are above my hand made models or ships and I wish to make a device to control them through the Arduino. Preferably through the USB or Ethernet… from my computer…

here is the catch, I know a bit about electronics and building, but not enough to come up with a design.

at present I have 54 seperate switches on some PCB boards and a lot of wires… but I would love to put it up on the computer to control it, I have a PC…

Thank you to ANYONE that feels sorry enough for me to help

You have failed to explain what these "sections of 12 LEDs" actually are - how connected, operating from what voltage and current?

A TPIC6B595 can switch the negative of eight separate LED strips of up to 150 mA and at least 24 V each, so eight of them can switch 64 or seven, 56. Other versions can switch even higher currents.

You "chain" the data connections of the TPIC6B595s so that only three Arduino pins control one, or seven, or eight or more. You can also apply PWM to their enable pins and allow dimming.

I would use a Wemos mini. It can host a simple web page which would show the current status and allow you to switch any section of LEDs on or off. WiFi signal would be needed, of course. As Paul__B suggested, tpic chips can be used to handle the high currents and 12V that power the LEDs. These chips can also help with the wiring, because you can make smaller boards which control 8 or 16 sections of LEDs locally, and only power and 3 data wires going back to the Wemos or onwards to the next board.

The Wemos can also act as a timer, automatically switching off the whole display at night for example.