Need to figure out gereric arduino hardware that has very little info

I have bought a "Ks0304 Keyestudio W5500 ETHERNET DEVELOPMENT BOARD (WITHOUT POE)" board and can't get the example to work correctly. There is no discussion and very little help on this product. What can i research instead of the boards part number. For instance: The chipset? The individual parts on the board? Is there normally libraries for the parts and chipsets that are pretty standard?

Because I have purchased a few different parts and the part numbers really have no support or the support is very limited or in bad english.

I will take any ideas or direction. Thanks in advance.

I don't know this specific piece of hardware.

General advice: find out about support/Arduino libraries/etc BEFORE buying parts.

It looks Arduinoish... have you installed the libraries that go with it ( available on their web site) .
Can you upload to it at all ?

It might be worth trying a simple program ( eg blink) to check its operation. I’ve not studied in detail, but looks like Arduino based with a few add ons.

Need to know what is not working in a bit of detail.

Lots of stuff in the Wiki, instructions , components etc :

Not the ideal board for a beginner, if you are, put it in the drawer and buy a genuine UNO