Need to find someplace that makes custom made PCBs

I have the schematic for a project. It involves a bunch of 328P-PUs. I have made some prototypes on PCBs with wires, etc, and it is a rats nest (although as a proof of concept it works perfect). Does anyone know a place that can make the PCBs for me with etched lines (like an Arduino board has) based on my schematic all nice and neat?


There’s lots of places that will make a PCB from a layout. That means you give them all of the tracks and holes and everything like that. Prices can be as low as $1 per square inch so a 55mm x 55mm board will cost only $5. At the high end, a 4-layer board delivered the day after tomorrow might cost $500 or more.

Getting a schematic turned into a layout is expensive. A real electronic engineer will charge thousands of dollars for that, depending on how complex it is. But you can do it yourself. A few hours learning a package like Eagle or KiCad will get a layout you can send for manufacture. But your first PCB will probably fail. Paying $5 and waiting a couple of weeks for each failure is a price most Arduino enthusiasts can afford.

Thank you MorganS: I will look the software up now.

After you are done with producing the gerber files with Eagle or KiCad, I suggest you manufacture your PCBs with PCBway. Their PCBs are great quality for the price (5USD + shipping for 10 100mm x 100mm boards) and plenty of options are available. Leading time is ridiculously short (a couple days).

Many board houses do fast 10 100x100 proto boards for $4.99
The expensive part is always shipping.

If you live in USA you can try Expresspcb. You can download the free software from their web side and they do the board in 3 days. They are pricey but good quality.


Take a look at seeed studio, they not only provides custom pcb service but also sells open source hardware...

You can try PCB Shopper

PCB Shopper is a site that lets you easily compare prices from multiple printed circuit board manufacturers. It also has a list of free PCB CAD software and a discussion forum.

Thank you all! Once I have all my ducks in a row and fully debugged (hardware and software) I will be ready.

Thank you all again!