Need to hire a programmer for a project

I need to hire a programmer for a project. I will try to explain the requirements and variables as good as I can. What I am trying to do may sound weird to some people, but please don't criticize me for doing this. I know it can be done, and I'm willing to pay to interested individual(s) for the code. I will pay cash advance to the programmer, and the remaining amount I will pay when the project is done.

I will precisely discuss all the details with the programmer about the project and then expect to see a total quote on which both of us should agree before proceeding any further. So, I won't be paying on hourly basis.

Basically, I want to take an already existing ATmega 328P wrist-watch (because it can be programmed with arduino IDE) and program it to do something else. I want to create a watch that will help the OCD sufferers to get by or act like a personal assistant.

Thisis the watch that comes to my mind as a good candidate for this purpose but perhaps someone could recommend a better watch?

I will give a brief description of the project that I have in my mind. We could discuss in more detail with the programmer who will take the job. Please don't let the following scare you with details, it is probably just a matter of implementing a couple of stateMachines and inputs which I will be providing.

I want to implement the following:

An OCD patient suffers from the onset of obsessive and compulsive thoughts until they perform certain rituals during the BRAIN-LOCK period, which gives them temporary relief from symptoms until the next onset of intrusive thoughts. BRAIN-LOCK is a state in which an OCD sufferer is stuck and unable to do or think of anything else until the relief providing ritual is carried out. So, normally refraining from doing those rituals immediately and waiting for some time before carrying out the ritual (and extending that time gradually) helps a lot.

So, I want the user of the watch to be able to click a button on the watch (while the watch is in normal watch mode) and tell the watch that the brain-lock or OCD attack is active and input the type of brain-lock or OCD ritual that the user is obsessing about. Each OCD symptom (such as washing hands, long showers etc.) will have its own brain-lock period (or waiting period) that the user is asked to wait before giving in to urge to carry out the ritual. And each time the wait is successfuly completed, add more time to that specific brain-lock type, which the user initially selected. So, should probably use the EEPROM. I will provide the list of possible brain-lock symptoms to choose from.

While the user is in BRAIN-LOCK mode and in waiting period (until the user is allowed to carry out the desired ritual), I want the user to input which method of manual focus shift he/she desires. Focus shift is the physical activity that the OCD sufferer chooses to perform in order to refrain from carrying out the obsesive ritual immediately. I will provide the list of focus shift activities also.

But we must implement some process of checking for the watch to confirm the user is not ignoring the guidance and make sure he/she is on track. Perhaps, using the onboard LED matrix of the watch, to ask simple and random YES/NO questions (to answer with buttons) which the user has to answer within certain time but which he/she will not be able to do if he/she has taken off the watch and jumped in shower. Just for the sake of an example :slight_smile:

And I want the checking process to be strict. For example, if not answered correctly so many times within a BRAIN-LOCK mode or SHIFT FOCUS mode, the watch should self-destruct, or at least software wise enter some weird loop which is impossible to recover and should render the watch useless. This is really necessary.

I will discuss more details with the interested programmer.

Please let me know if someone can help and if there is a better watch to work with other than the one to which I pasted the link above. The Solder Time II watch supposedly is easy to program with arduino IDE and has ATmega328P microcontroller which can help. The watch uses 4 pieces of 5x7 LED matrix modules attached together which gives us a matrix of 7x20. A lot of text can be displayed using this LED matrix.

Or, is there another programmable OLED watch out there that we could use for this purpose?

Thank you.

Interesting idea - PM sent.

That “soldier time” watch is a hobby kit. It’s bulky, and has a led matrix display.

A better option would be to do your project on a commercial hackable smartwatch.

This thread suggests the Samsung Gear S2 (an android watch) and the Pebble Classic (seems to have its own API).

I suggest you Google “hackable smartwatch” for some more polished offgerings than a hobby kit your have to solder together.