Need to hire Arduino coder for hardware hacking

Hi there,

I am looking to hire someone with experience writing code to hack hardware such as:

  • hard drives
  • floppy drives
  • dot matrix printers
  • printer/scanners

What I would like to do is send MIDI data from Ableton Live in order to control the speeds of starter motors etc. and then record the sounds that are created.

This is paid work for an award-winning audio production company. Preferably I'm looking for somebody who lives near Bristol/Bath (UK). This could lead onto further involvement in future projects for the right person.

Time is of the essence - please get in contact ASAP if you are interested or can think of anybody who might be suitable.

Many thanks!

Hi .. although i do not live near Bath my daughter does :slight_smile:

I live in France but I am Welsh. I have already created a MIDI interface that drives 8 MOSFET transistors to drive loads according to a given note on the MIDI interface. It was originally designed to drive solenoids to play a hang drum.

The code is all in place and the hardware is built. It would not be a huge leap to modify this to do exactly what you are looking for.

Take a look at my website and feel free to drop me an email to if you want t chat about this or just have some questions about me and the work i do.

Cheers Pete.