Need to hire someone for a project

Hey guys.....I am sure I can eventually figure out how to do this stuff but time constraints are going to limit me making this project work.

what I need to do is pretty simple, I need to make an arduino track the position of a rod and move it with a potentiometer.

basically I have an electro-hydraulic actuator that uses a 12vdc motor to move a rod in and out.....its basically a high speed high force linear actuator. the actuator is setup with 2 leads 1 for power and one for ground, hook it up one way and the shaft moves out and vice versa.

I was thinking of using to track the position and then just another pot to move the shaft to the specified position.

I am sure this is a fairly simple setup but like I said I don't have much time to set it up and make it work.

I am willing to "hire" someone to help me out with this because I need it ready to go within a couple months.

you can email me @