Need to know if this is a feasible project

Hi, I am new to this site and product. I am working on a project and need to know if this is possible for this system. I am looking to be able to connect 20-30 photo electric sensors to a single board and be able to monitor them in real time. I then want to be able to send that information to another "main" board which would keep track of lets say 10 boards that all monitor different groups of sensors. Weather the signal is sent through wireless information or bluetooth I do not know yet and I have to base that decision on price. But for the most part I want to know if that would be at all possible?

I can post the exact model of sensor if you want to know. as well any advice that you might have would be greatly appreciated

Yes, definitely possible. Posting sensor will help. PZ-M61 is the one im looking at. i would have a couple hundred sensors.

as well if an idea of what products i should be looking into or would be suiting my needs would be helpful as well. if anyone has any suggestions

Well it looks like you connect power, Gnd, and then use a pullup resistor from pin 4 to 5V & let the sensor pull the out pin low when it is active. Or 2 resistors as a voltage divider so the Arduino only sees 0-5v. Atmeg1284P family would be good for this with 32 IO - connect up serial and 30 IO pins per group. Or a smaller chip and shift registers to latch the state of the sensors when polled.