Need to make a spray gun go up and down by voice command

Was thinking of using Arduino and Easy VR Shield and a controller board of some kind that will have 2 outputs - one for up and one for down. Only 2 commands. What is the simplest cheapest way to do this?? Anyone have any thoughts or can someone build this for me?? Output can be low voltage and use a relay, or specs available for the stepper motor that it has to run.

I don't know how easy it is to do voice recognition on an Arduino. Maybe it's easy. I know it's easy enough to do on a PC, and it would not be hard to implement a little application that was voice controlled that sent 'up', 'down' type commands to an Arduino. Operating a stepper motor or relay from that is quite straight forward. Perhaps you can solve it entirely on the Arduino, though - I don't know about that.