Need to order a slide potentiometer

I need to purchase a pair of sliding pots for use as input to an arduino. They will function as steerage so I’d like a centered ‘indent’ that gives physical feedback that the slide is ‘zeroed’. I’d like the total size to be between 6 and 9 inches. I’d like just enough friction to the movement that it feels (admittedly very subjective) like a high quality control.

Would very much welcome recommendation of supplier(s) where customer service is in a position to guide a non-tech user into best option.


Do some searching here

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Thanks. Not finding exactly what I'd hoped for. I'm going to look into vintage and salvaged parts and would post back if i find it. --appreciated.

. I'd like the total size to be between 6 and 9 inches.

I've never seen one that big. The "big ones" are usually 100mm (about 4 inches). I don't know about the detent. That's the kind of option you can probably custom order in "manufacturing quantities" and you have plenty of lead time.

You might be able to find a linear encoder or if you are good at mechanics you could use a belt & pulley with a rotary encoder to make it as long as you want.