Need to provide voltage to an external device without PWM

Hi everyone,

From one of my project i need my Arduino to provide some current to another device. This device can run in different mode, depending of the voltage it receives. So i need to be able to dynamically change the value of the voltage the Arduino provides from a digital pin. I know i can use PWM pins to resolve this problem, but in my case all my timer are already used for other operations. So i need to find a way to provide a current which can vary from 0V to 5V, the more accurate possible and in a cheaper way ]:D. All suggestions are welcome.


How about using shift register like 74HC595 and R2R ladder network?

hey nice idea :). I'll try it and let you know. Thanks

What is the device that needs to be provided with current? Is it voltage or current driven? (your post mentions both). Depending on the answer, the simplest solution may be to connect a DAC to the Arduino, or to connect a low-pass filter and op amp to a PWM output pin.