Need Urgent Help with Programing a proyect

Good Day Folks

This is my first time in this community and also in the challenging world of Arduino programming. I’m a Command Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force, working in Puerto Rico and in charge of a project that will require the help, wisdom, experience and assistance from the real experts in the Arduino programming world. Therefore, I’m writing this entry to request HELP from anyone that can help me do this monumental project, as described below. I have very little time to get this one done, and despite I have already read a lot about Arduino and have the hardware/software at hand, I know it will take me a very long time to actually get to understand and work efficiently with the hardware I have in order to make the project described below. Folks, I really need someone’s help like yesterday! [u]I'm willing to pay for the services[/u].

Basically I need to come up with a sketch to program one Arduino Micro to run 8 white 3.3vdc LED’s and two DRV 8835 dual motor-drivers which will operate four electric motors (Two each Airfix model motors 1.5VDC e/a) and a WT588D-U WAV USB sound Module synchronized with the motors. (Alternatively this can also be an Arduino Uno R3 to run the DRV's and all the sequence along with an Arduino MP3 shield. I prefer the micro so it could be inside the model.)

Let me explain: I’m building a large scale (1/32 scale) model of a World War II bomber. This is a brand new model that came out for the first time in history few months ago. The model is styrene plastic and is large enough (39 inches wing span, 28 inches fuselage) to hold the Arduino micro and DRV's inside. The model will be displayed on a scene simulating a WWII airbase in England, circa 1944 with additional supporting elements like vehicles, figures and even structures. [u]This is a very ambitious project that needs to be done by 30 March 2014.[/u] All the rest of the scene is already done, the only thing left is finishing the airplane model with the Arduino micro / DRV 8835 / LED's and motors.

What we want to happen is that when the external momentary switch is depressed it will trigger the 5V Isolated Delay Timer Relay Module that will power the Arduino micro to start the WT588D-U WAV USB sound Module (with the sound of each Wright Cyclone radial engines starting, accelerating up to idle (30% power), then accelerating up to 75% power, then decelerating down to idle and shutting off) synchronized with the DRV 8835 motor controllers inside the plane. Arduino micro will trigger DRV 8835 #1 to start and send a signal to motor 1 (prop1) to start slowly and then accelerate up to about 30% power. Once motor 1 is running at 530% power, the controller will signal motor 2 (prop 2) to do the same as the first one. Once the two motors are running at 30% power, the Arduino micro will send a signal to turn on three white 3vdc LED’s inside the fuselage of the plane. Right after that Arduino micro will send a signal to trigger DRV 8835 #2. DRV 8835 #2 will then do the same staring, accelerating to 30% power of the other two motors, 3 and 4. Once the other two motors are also at 30% power, Arduino micro will send a signal to turn on three white LED’s for the plane’s nav lights. Right after that it will send another signal to turn on two landing white LED's lights. Meanwhile all four motors are running at 30% power. About 30 seconds after all lights are on, both DRV 8835's will accelerate the motors to 80% power for about 30 seconds, then return them to 30% power. The motors will continue to run at 30% for another 30 seconds, at which time Arduino Micro will turn the landing LED’s off, then the Nav LED’s off then the three internal LED’s off. About 5 seconds later both DRV 8835's will decelerate and shut down all four motors simultaneously. Right after the sequence completes the Arduino micro and the sound module need to turn off or go into low or standby mode awaiting another trigger signal to repeat the same process, probably when the 5V Isolated Delay Timer Relay Module turns off. We also need to have an emergency delay timer shut down button to turn everything off if needed.

The hardware I have at hand is as follows: 1. Arduino Micro controller with its software.

  1. Texas Instruments’ DRV8835 (and also a pair of DRV 8833) dual H-bridge motor driver IC to run with the Arduino micro or Arduino UNO.

3.WT588D-U WAV USB Sound Module with its programming software.

4.Four 1.5 VDC electric motors especially designed to turn large props on plastic models. These motors have a capacitor soldered across the contacts.

  1. A 5V Isolated Delay Timer Relay Module for Arduino,

Additionally I have an Arduino UNO R3, and an Arduino MP3 shield for uno and other input hardware like buttons, relays, etc.

I desperately need HELP on this one. I may be contacted at my personal email for additional details and arrangements. [u]Again, I'm willing to pay for the service of compiling this program to do as described above.[/u]

Many thanks, and Happy Holidays. ;)

B17? Any takers so far?

Send me a PM with your available funds and timescales and I'll see what I can do.

CHeck out my website to get an idea of my skills base and past/current projects.

Cheers Pete.