Need water pump suggestion for a project


I have this idea to make a system which pumps drinking water automatically from a standard 20 Liter water can to a dispenser (so I don't have to break my back every time lifting the can).

I guess I need a (food grade?) water pump that needs to able to lift the water to a height of say 4 feet? It doesn't need to be very fast - 1-2 liters/minute should be fine, I think. Do I need a peristaltic pump? I am completely ignorant in this area, so please suggest a suitable pump - hopefully something that costs less than USD 50. I'd appreciate links to sites which sell such pumps.

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Look up Jabsco pumps


Robin2: Look up Jabsco pumps


Thanks, but they list a huge number of pumps. I am looking for some guidance on the type of pump to select. Also, whether I need a peristaltic pump in this case.

I have a Par-Max4 pump on my boat. It's rated at 14 litres/min so it's probably bigger than you need. As far as I know there are smaller versions. My pump will comfortably run my shower and washing machine at the same time. It's not a peristaltic pump (aren't they the ones where a wheel squashes a tube?) and I wonder if a peristaltic pump has much of a suction head.

Best way to sort out a wide selection of things is by price! Then see if the cheapest one meets your need.


A peristaltic pump is nice to pour exact amounts of fluid, but it also has some disadvantages. It's pretty slow unless you buy an expensive one, they already are quite expensive and you may need to replace the tube every now and then.

I would probably buy an aquarium-pump. It isn't food grade, which adds a few $ to the bill, but since it's designed for living fish I... would consider it safe enough.

Hi, Consider a replacement 12V windshield washer pump. Run some bleach/detergent through it to start.

Control: See possibilities here:

get a cheap pump, but look catefully at the LIFT or HEAD of the pump. Many cheap pumps won't go up beyond a few feet. Harbor Fright has a major pump for $25, probably overkill, but it has lift. Have you considered putting the can up high and using a siphon and pinch valve? ?