Needed - Engineering/Programming for small paying projects

I'm brand new to this forum and I am looking for someone to engineer/program a couple small Adurino projects.

The projects will be used for the TV production market in here in Los Angeles California.

This is a paying job so I want a professional with experience and expect professional behavior and professional results. In turn I will treat you respectfully and professionally and pay you accordingly.

Interested parties should send me a PM with any supporting resume/ projects you've done youtube videos of your work, what have you. Someone in the Los Angeles area would be a plus but it's not a deal breaker.

I have the means to build the units, buy the parts, machine and assemble. I just lack the programming / electronics end of it.

The first project is a simple one axis motor driver that gets it's feedback from a zoom lens. Pretty brain dead simple but will need some finesse to make it work correctly. As the zoom on the lens moves an encoder would relay the position to the arduino which would in turn drive a small motor to move an arm.

The second project would take feedback from an existing encoder on the lens and relay the position to a display and read out in feet and inches.

That's it!

Thank you for reading my post, hope I put this in the correct forum.


Hello Gary,

As requested I have sent you a PM.

Cheers Pete.