*needed* Ideas for new shield projects/products.


I am currently piecing together tools and equipment in a lab im building for a project at work involving the assembly of over 80 boards at a time. and a lot of this equipment was built and owned by myself. so i though since i have the means to produce a small but decent quantity of boards i would use it for a side business.

so now ive hit the phase where i would like to design one or two different products for trial runs but have run up against some "writers block" so to say when it comes to product ideas..

i would like to design some kind of shield compatible with the Atmega328P/Uno platform but have no idea what people would like to see.

so im asking for any suggestions as to any applications for the shields or what functions they should serve.

Thanks! Grant o.

just braindumping ... A cryptographic shield A random number shield An I2C shield An multicore shield

don't know what they do/are but their names might inspire you :)

It'd be hard to top this one! http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/tinykitlist/438-googly

Steal Tim Nolan's design for a MPPT solar power management shield. There are a few solar things out there ("LiPo rider") but everything I've seen requires a single cell LiPo and support a similarly small voltage range for solar input.

A load cell shield. Search the forum for the number of people looking for solutions.

A shield for interfacing with piezo sensors would be nice too. Granted it's not hard to make a basic "knock" sensor, but if you want to massage that signal to detect light/hard hits then a good, prebuilt shield would be great. Might lead to a lot of annoying Youtube videos of people building drum sets though. ;)