needhelp about Arduino with camera embedded

Hi All,
I like to build my own Arduino board with video camera + gps + wifi embedded on board. It means I’d like to buy Arduino board shield + video camera + gps + wifi + all others required components …to solder by myself…
I’m a new starter about Arduino, also about board schematic…
So, could someone help me, advice which board to buy (I’ve just bought Arduino Uno already), which video camera to buy, which gps, wifi, (all embedded) which components else…?
Many thanks,

Arduino All-In-One.png

What are you expecting to do with the video camera? If you think you are going to stream video through the Arduino to wifi you can stop right now. There’s no way the Arduino can keep up with a video stream.
The Arduino can be used to control a video camera- e.g. turn it on and off etc. - but that’s it.


Aie, aie.
Many thanks for your fast info.
Could you recommend me for another board that I can stream video ?

I think the Raspberry Pi can do that but I've never used one. Someone else will have to help with that.