Needing a title screen(1st screen) on LCD

I am trying to figure and have played with some code to do a title screen. After a certain amount of time go to main screen. Can someone help? Here is what I am using. ``` *#include "U8glib.h"

// constructor call for display U8GLIB_ST7920_128X64 u8g(13, 11, 10, U8G_PIN_NONE); // SPI Com: SCK = en = 13, MOSI = rw = 11, CS = di = 0

void draw(void) {

// graphic commands to redraw the complete screen should be placed here

//u8g.setFont(u8g_font_unifont); //u8g.drawStr( 0, 40, "SECOND PAGE TITLE TEXT ONLY");


void setup(void) {

// flip screen / rotated for current display u8g.setRot180();

// set SPI backup if required / not required with current display //u8g.setHardwareBackup(u8g_backup_avr_spi);


void loop(void) {

// picture loop


do {


u8g.setFont(u8g_font_osb21); u8g.drawStr( 33, 22, "FIRST PAGEw-DELAY");

} while( u8g.nextPage() );

// rebuild the picture after some delay

delay(500);* ```

Your draw() function, which currently does nothing, will need to do something, based on the time since the Arduino was reset.

void draw()
   if(millis() < 5000) // It's been less than 5 seconds since reset

All you need to do is write those two functions.

Thanks Paul!

Can drawSplashScreen(); be text like I have listed or does it have to be some kind of screen image?

Thanks, Kevin

Ok got to thinking about that and it went right over my head. It's just what you named it and my text etc need to got there! LOL

Thanks Again, Kevin