Neeewer Micro Brush-less outrunner motor 7v-9v

While researching ways to run this 3 wire motor i have reached various conclusions.

  1. tip transistors are no use
    2)my l239d is useless
  2. and my SEEED Studio Motor controller may be of use but unsure about the 3 wires from the motor and not a single 3 wire slot.
    4)i may need an Alien device known as an ESC.

So Before i move on i would like some insight from the great wizard of oz. What is the best route if i want to get 2 of these little outrunners Running. if im stuck with the ESC route, what is the best option for weight and power?

Google for Arduino Brushless DC

You will find tutorials such as this: Driving a three-phase brushless DC motor with Arduino – Part 1. Theory - Electronics Blog
and this: Loading...

The easiest way is with a matching ESC (Electronic Speed Control). They take pulse signals like those used for a hobby servo (as generated by the servo library). Your ESC has a voltage and current rating that

The very small brushless motors could be driven with a breadboarded
discrete controller since the currents are more reasonable, but you still
have to implement sensorless commutation using back-EMF sensing...

ESCs are simpler!